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How The CSG Challenge Works

During the tournament, each par 3 with a CSG Challenge tee-sign has a hole-in-one prize.

  • The hole-in-one prize is A set of Tour Edge C521 Irons.

Four golfers will qualify to participate in a 150-yard, hole-in-one Shoot-Out. A hole-in-one at the Shoot-Out wins the Grand Prize of $50,000 which can be upgraded (for an additional fee) to $1,000,000.

  • How the golfers qualify and the placement of the Shoot-Out is at the discretion of the Tournament Organizer. You may qualify the four golfers anyway you wish including, but not limited to, the four closest to the pin winners from the tournament moving on to the Shoot-Out post tournament. This has been the traditional way The CSG Challenge has operated. As an alternative you could simply raffle off the four spots prior to your tournament (creating an additional revenue stream) and hold the Shoot-Out before your shotgun start. Another suggestion is to thank one of your major sponsors and their guests or just selected one of your foursomes at random and have them do the Shoot-Out either before, during or after the tournament.

The CSG Challenge Mulligan (optional)

  • All participants in The CSG Challenge will be given the opportunity for a second chance shot (mulligan) on the shortest par 3 hole during your tournament. This will afford the participants a greater chance of winning the Set of Irons or closest to the pin (if applicable). The organization shall keep 100% of the mulligan sales to the outing participants. This will create a definite revenue stream that will offset the costs associated with the CSG Challenge.