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CSG Challenge FAQs

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How does the CSG Mulligan work?

Traditionally, charity tournament mulligans are used during the round anywhere on the golf course except the par 3 hole-in-one prize holes. The CSG Mulligan is designed specifically for the shortest par 3 hole and is given to you (the Tournament Organizer) as part of The CSG package with the intent to help you cover costs and make money for your charity.

How much can I charge for The CSG Mulligan?

Quite simply, as much as you feel your tournament participants will be willing to spend. We developed The CSG Mulligan concept as a way to offset the cost of the package and it can be used in conjunction with any size tournament.

What if they get a hole-in-one with The CSG Mulligan?

They still win THE SET OF IRONS.

Is this "vacation" a time-share situation where the person is going to be required to attend some sort of presentation?

In plain English, ABSOLUTLY NOT!

If I have The CSG Challenge at my tournament, can I have a local sponsor?

Sure! Getting a local advertiser to cover the cost of the package is a great option. That way everything else is pure profit! We know most golf tournaments are raising funds for a charity of some sort'we want to help you make money!! The only sponsors who would not be allowed would be another airline.

What if my local sponsor wants a sign?

If local sponsorship signage on a par 3 tee box is required, it may be placed next to The CSG Challenge tee sign provided by Colana Sports Group, Inc. Of course, the tournament organizer would be responsible for supplying any signage in conjunction with local sponsorship of The CSG Challenge.

Does The CSG Mulligan slow down play?

Possibly, but of all the tournaments done with The CSG Mulligan, very few (if any) have mentioned this as a problem.

Does The CSG Mulligan count towards score?

Most tournament organizers allow their golfers to use The JBC Mulligan shot not only for a second chance at the hole-in-one prize and for closest to the pin (if applicable) but also for score; after all, they did pay for it. Some have it where the first shot is used for tournament score and the second 'mulligan' shot is used only for another chance at the hole-in-one prize and closest to the pin (if applicable). Either way is okay, however, we strongly recommend that your golfers understand all of your 'rules' regarding The CSG Mulligan before the tournament begins.

What if I have a golfer who has won closest to the pin on more than one par 3?

If you are qualifying your 150-yard Shoot-Out participants via a closest to the pin competition during the tournament, a duplicate closest to the pin winner on two or more different par 3s from the tournament is not allowed to take multiple shots during the 150-yard Shoot-Out. A suggestion on how to handle this situation would be to go with another golfer who was second closest to the pin on one of the two or more holes where you had the same person win. There are other remedies too, just use common sense and remember ' the four participants in the 150-yard Shoot-Out must be four different people.

What if the golf course only has three par 3s?

If you are qualifying your 150-yard Shoot-Out participants via a closest to the pin competition during the tournament, there are a couple of different ways to handle this. After your three definitive closest to the pin winners, go with the next closest out of all the remaining closest on all the par 3s OR pick one of the par 3 holes at the beginning of the event and designate that the two closest to the pin winners on that hole will advance to the 150-yard Shoot-Out. You also have the option to give the remaining (fourth) slot away via a raffle or live auction.

What if my tournament is on an 18-hole golf course that has five or more par 3s?

Four par 3 holes are automatically covered with each CSG package. If your course has more than four, you can choose to cover only four of the par 3s during the tournament or you can add-on additional par 3 coverage. This coverage would include a hole-in-one prize during the tournament at the additional par 3 hole and another participant added to the automatic four participants at the 150-yard Shoot-Out (making it a five or six person Shoot-Out). There is an additional fee of $150 for each additional par 3.

If all of the golfers miss the green during the 150-yard Shoot-Out, how do I judge closest to the pin?

Let's back-up for a moment. During the tournament, closest to the pin must be a tee-shot that is on the green (much like the longest drive needs to be in the fairway). The 150-yard Shoot-Out can be a different story; it's up to the tournament organizer. For the 150-yard Shoot-Out, we suggest closest to the pin mean just that, whether it's on or off the green. The thought process is this:

  1. These golfers made a pretty good shot during the tournament to get to the Shoot-Out
  2. A tee-shot that's 10 feet away from the pin but 3 inches into the first cut of the rough around the green is better than a tee-shot that lands on the green but is 60 feet away from the pin.
  3. What if all the golfers miss the green? You can't re-do the Shoot-Out, so someone off the green would win.

Again, this is a suggestion. Some organizers will feel the 150-yard Shoot-Out tee-shot for closest to the pin needs to be on the green and that's okay. Either way, make sure the golfers know the "rules" before they take their shots.

What if, for whatever reason, I don't want to do the 150-yard Shoot-Out?

If you choose not to do the 150-yard Shoot-Out as part of our tournament, that's okay and you can still end up with a CSG Challenge Champion. Remember, you can qualify the four golfers anyway you wish. If you used the closest to the pin on each par 3 during the tournament concept, you could go by the actual closest physical measurement of your four finalists or just put all four finalist's names in a hat and pick one. Whichever option you choose, The JetBlue Challenge Champion would receive the premium glass etched trophy.

What if I like to idea of the Shoot-Out but I don't want to do it after my tournament?

Not doing the 150-yard Shoot-Out after the tournament automatically takes the four closest to the pin concept of qualifying your Shoot-Out participants off the table, and again that's okay. There are other options. As an alternative, you could simply raffle off the four Shoot-Out spots prior to your tournament (creating an additional revenue stream) and hold the Shoot-Out before your shotgun start. Another suggestion is to thank one of your major sponsors and their guests or just selected one of your foursomes at random and have them do the Shoot-Out either before, during or after the tournament. You can incorporate the Shoot-Out within (during) the tournament. What is required is that you have a foursome at a par 3 hole during the tournament that measures at least 150-yards. Not only would they be trying for a hole-in-one to win a CSG Resort vacation but $50,000 too (or $1,000,000 if you upgraded). The main concern is to have the appropriate officials (witnesses) present at the hole when the foursome shows up to take their tee-shots.

When do I have to pay for the All American Classics Auction in a Box items?

There is no upfront cost, you pay for ONLY the auction items that sell at your event & you ship the rest back to AAC after your tournament.

What if I dont sell all of the items sent to me by All American Classics Auction in a Bot?

Simply return them in their original boxes to AAC at no charge to you!.

How many items have to sell at auction to receive the four team awards for free?

None as long items are unpacked & displayed at your tournament.

Can I specify the types & approximate cost of the auction items that I want to receive?

Yes, but for autographed memorabilia, AAC will ask for a credit card to keep on file.

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